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GaneshbhaiMuhudkar is a B2 Category player in the Naonal team. He is an All Rounder. He says he can bat in any posion, depending on the situaon and the needs of the team. In bowling, he bowls medium pace.

Ganesh was born a normal child. As a kid he played in games that children of his age normally did. When he was about four years old he accidently fell off the cycle that his Father was riding. His le eye was injured. The nurse at the hospital that they went to was apparently careless and did not treat the wound properly. They went to another hospital, but the damage had already been done. It was an irreversible injury. He connued his studies in a normal school, but soon realised that he could not see the blackboard from behind the classroom. He shied to the front of the class but there too he could see only dimly. The eye sight was not geng any beer. The right eye too was affected. The teachers advised him to get admied to a blind school. In the Year 2000 he joined a blind school and thus began his stay in the hostel. He was 12 years old then.

How did he get aracted to Cricket? In the hostel he observed many blind children playing cricket, and wondered how they could play in spite of poor sight. Some of these children were almost fully blind. Young Ganesh asked his PT teacher who then iniated him into the steps of the game. Inially he felt some difficulty, but soon learnt to use his exisng facules and senses to master the game. A budding cricketer was on his way to the Naonal Team.

His was selected for the District team in 2001 and for the State team in 2005. It took some me to progress further, but he was finally selected to the Naonal Team in 2014 as an all-rounder. He connues to win laurels for himself and the team. He rates his match winning 74 against England in the T20 tournaments in 2017 as his most memorable.

Was he happy in the Blind school? Yes, of course! The school took care of all his expenses – clothes, uniform, food and so on. The treatment is very good, he says.

The whole family, Father, Mother and younger brother, is in farming. They culvate Bajra. He has one brother. Unlike many of his colleagues who want to sck to cricket in an administrave posion, Ganesh wants to go back to his fields aer his cricket career is over. That will probably be a difficult decision for him to take aer all the adulaon he is receiving now.

There is me for those kinds of decisions. For now, it is World Cup 2018

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