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AnilbhaiGariy a was born on 1 June 1988 in Ukta Village in Valsad District of Gujerat. His Father is Jeyasbhai and his Mother, Seetaben. He has one sister. When he was 2 years old, a twig of a Tamarind Tree near his house pierced his right eye deeply. He was admied to a hospital for a week and the doctors tried to restore the eye but to no avail. The damage was intensive and irreversible. Luckily the le eye had minimal damage. He is categorised as B2.

Young Anilbhai was admied to Valsad Blind School in the third class in 1997 when he was just nine years old. He has studied there ll the th th12 Class. Aer 12 , he went through a Primary Teacher Training Course and has a cerficate in that. He has applied for jobs and has appealed to the Sports Minister of Gujarat and the Chief Minister but has not succeeded in geng their aenon.

thHis foray into cricket started in 1999 when he was in 5 Class. He was selected for district level tournaments. He was selected to play for the state in 2003 against Rajasthan. He was selected for the Naonal team in 2004 for the Asia Cup. India met Pakistan in the finals and he took one wicket and scored 27 runs. Aer that he will be playing his next internaonal match in the World Cup 2018. Anilbhai is an all-rounder and generally bats at No.3 or 4. He bowls spin, and tosses the ball both leg and off. He is very keen for India to be victorious in this World Cup 2018, because it could catapult the players to more recognion, more benefits and more jobs.

Anilbhai is in Athlecs too. In 2008, in Athlecs for the Blind, he won gold medals in 100 meters and 200 meters in the Naonals at Chandigarh. His ming for these two events : 10.3 and 21. That is prey impressive. His record in the Long Jump is 5.7 meters. He shines in mulple sports events. But now the focus is on the World Cup .

He is married and has two boys. His wife is a cook in a Government School. Aer the cricket snts he will probably go back to his village and look for a job. He would also like to coach other cricket aspirants among the blind.

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