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PrakashJayaramaiah is the Vice-Captain of the Indian team. He is a Wicket Keeper and Batsman. He generally opens the innings for India in internaonal matches. He was inducted into the Indian team in 2010. In his very first internaonal match, against England in England, he scored an electrifying 149. India made a clean sweep in the series, 5-0, and Prakash is proud that he made a difference. He has played 68 matches to date, in which he has scored 47 centuries. He remembers thwith great excitement the finals against Pakistan in (4 ODI in Cape Town in South Africa). India needed to score 160 runs in 11 overs when Prakash went in to bat. They achieved this with 2 balls to spare. Prakash’s contribuon was a hey 98 runs in 27 balls. He got the Man-of-the-Series award in his category, something that he repeated several mes in his internaonal career. In the Asia Cup that was played in Kerala, the finals were against Pakistan again. Set to score 200 to win, Prakash scored an exhilarang 99 not out to help India win the Cup. ndDifficult targets always spur him to perform. In Bangalore, in the 2 T20 Wold Cup final at Chinnaswamy ndSt adium against Pak he scored 99. He has the disncon of scoring 96, 99, 116, 99,and 99, all not out, in the 2 World T20 series.

Prakash was born in 1984 to Jayaramaiah and Jayalakshamma in Channapatna, in Karnataka. He was a child with normal vision. When he was about 3 months old, another baby of the same age playfully pierced both his eyes with a sharp pin. He was totally blinded. He bore this condion for eight years. His parents chanced upon a doctor who said that a surgical intervenon could help. It did, to some extent. His right eye gained some vision; his le eye did not. Prakash was sent to a Blind school in Ramanagara, the BGS School for the Blind, where he studied upto Class 10.

Prakash had always been interested in cricket. He saw matches being played in Ramanagara between teams with normal eyesight and learnt a lot. He listened with avid interest to radio commentaries of cricket matches. His Father was a Lorry Driver, but stopped driving aer an accident on the road. His Mother was a tailor, earning some money through stching dresses for others in the village. Prakash aributes his success in the game to his Mother who encouraged and supported him through the early years to go out and play. He is married and the couple have two lovely children, a boy and a girl.

While in Ramanagara, he got an opportunity to play cricket in the Vijay Merchant Cricket School, and went on to play several matches for the next six years, in Ramanagara as well as outside. Around 1998, he was idenfied by Samarthana as having potenal for the game, and they began giving him some assistance to pursue the game. In 2004, Samarthana gave him a job in their organisaon, which by then had started to grow in stature as a naonal organisaon. He started as a tele-caller, but now works for Samarthana CABI full me in an administrave posion. He says that he wants to pursue a career in Cricket Administraon aer he stops playing on the field.

Which is his most memorable moment? His hundred in 27 balls in his first World Cup. This is sll a World Record in Cricket for the Blind.

Does he play any other game? Yes, Football is a game he plays somemes. His main hobby is Singing, Kannada songs of course. In his early youth he was a member of an Orchestra Group in Ramanagara. But Cricket connues to be his passion.

You hear a swiish, the umpire steps aside and you see a ball flying to the boundary!That’s a straight drive from Prakash, his favourite stroke!

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