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Sunil Ramesh, aged 19 years old, was born on 7 April 1998 in Guddaduru. His Father is Ramesh and Mother, Vanaja. They are daily wage labourers in Guddaduru. He has one sister, elder to him, and one brother younger to him.

He was born a normal child with the usual interest in playing games, especially cricket. While playing cricket one day, a wire piece pierced his right eye. The damage was intensive and he lost his sight in that eye. His le eye was not hurt but the injury to the right eye did affect the performance of this eye to some extent. In the absence of sight in the right eye there is constant pressure on the le eye for sight. He feels that his sight in the le eye is slowly diminishing. He was eleven years old when this accidental injury occurred and he was told that it is beer to join a school for the blind. His teacher, Kumar Naik, took him to the AshaKiran Blind School in Chikkamagalur and admied him.

Sunil started playing cricket again in this school and his crickeng career took off. Inially he had problem sighng the ball but he soon overcame that. He was selected for the state team inially but rapidly progressed to the Naonal team in 2016 for the Asia Cup. He played in the inial matches but did not play in the finals. He played in the T-20 World Cup, and got a memorable 3 wicket haul I the match against Pakistan.

He is now pursuing a degree in Mountain View College in Chikkamagalur, and is in the second year. His desire is to make a name for himself in Blind Cricket. Aerwards he would like to help in some way in the cause for Blind Cricket in India. He has applied for a job in the Karnataka government has not yet got any response. He hopes it will be done soon. For now, he is looking forward to playing in the World Cup and is very confident of the Indian Team winning.

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