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Durga Rao is from Bobli Village. Bobli is in Vijayanagar District in Andhra Pradesh. He stays with his Mother and brother. His father is no more. They are from an agricultural family.

thDur ga Rao was born on 11 November 1996 in Bobli. How did his blindness come about? He says that when he was a kid, a wooden piece pierced his right eye. The doctors treated him but the damage was irreversible. The damage progressively spread to his le eye and he was losing sight in that eye also. He was declared blind and was placed in B3 Category. He was inducted into a School for the Blind.

Young Durga Rao developed a liking for cricket and this spread to a passion for cricket when he discovered that he could play cricket too, albeit Blind Cricket. He performed well in the matches he played and soon got noced for selecon to the State Team inially and then to the Naonal team. As an internaonal player he has played in the World Cup in 2014, the Asia Cup in 2016 and the T-20 in 2017. His most memorable moment is being in the winning Indian team that won the World Cup in 2014.

Durga Rao has a degree in Arts and he wants to pursue his studies to obtain an MBA. He wants to connue associang with Cricket in some form or other and connue to contribute to the glory of cricket. We wish him the Best in his endeavours

But now, it is Cricket and Cricket, and winning World Cup 2018 is the goal!

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