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Pankaj Bhue was born on 2nd January 1995 in Phulapali Village in Bargash District in Orissa. His blindness is due to an irreversible defect at birth. He has no sight in the le eye. The right eye has been declared to be 40% blindness, which means he can see something with his right eye. He has been categorised as a B3 player for cricket. His Father, ShibulalBhue, is a tractor driver and his Mother, Mena Bhue is a housewife.

Pankaj had a penchant for cricket right from childhood. He started playing when he was eleven years old , playing for the rising Star Club in Bhubaneshwar. He was selected to play for his district in 2006. The same year he was also selected for the State. He played well and got selected for the Indian Team in 2011. His debut in Internaonal Cricket was in Lahore in the bilateral series between India and Pakistan. In 2012 he played in the T-20 World Cup and took three wickets in the finals to help India win the World Cup. He is proud of his contribuon to this win. He has not yet got an opportunity to show his prowess with the bat

He studied in the Physically Handicapped School for the Blind in Bhargar ll the seventh standard. He was shied to the thBhimabg or School for the Blind where he studied upto 10 standard. He did his +2 at AnchaligMahavidyalaya . He took a Diploma in Elementary Educaon from DLED at Bhargar. He got a job in the Postal Services and is now a Postman in Bhargar.

Does he play in any other sports? He does. He is an athlete, and he has won medals in 100 and 200 meters sprint events. He has achieved a record in Long Jump with a distance jump of 6.20 meters.. He has parcipated in High Jump events also and has won gold in both the jump events. In all, he has 12 medals in Athlecs to his credit, a commendable achievement.

But cricket is his first love and this is where he would like to connue his contribuon to sports. And now, winning the World Cup in 2018 is his immediate goal!

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