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Rambir Singh is fr om Sonipat in Haryana. He was born 0n 12 August 1998 in Saidpur in Sonipet District. His parents are Karan Singh and Ompa Singh. Ompa is no more. He has one brother.
When he was just two years of age, he got cancer in his le eye. The cancer was cured but it le his eye completely blind. His right eye has some vision but the constant pressure on this eye could cause him problems in the future. Now he wears glasses to get clear visibility. He has been categorised as a B3 player. Rambir is studying for a degree in Arts and is in his second year.

He was admied to the Delhi Blind School where he started playing cricket. In December 2015, when he just 17 years old, he was selected for the Indian Team. He played in the Asia Cup in 2016. In 2017 he played for the country in the T20 World Cup and then the ODI . He is primarily a bowler and so far has not got a chance to bat in the internaonal matches. But in a Naonals game against Chandigarh he scored an impressive 163, his highest score to date. As a bowler his most noteworthy haul was a fantasc 3 wickets for 9 runs in 3 overs in his debut match against Nepal in the Asia Cup. That was his moment of glory.

He loves to see movies. His favourite star? Who else but Amir Khan. His favourite Cricket Star? Yuvraj Singh.

He is very happy with the preparaons for the World Cup. He is very appreciave of Samarthana for the excellent facilies they have provided in the Training Camp which is on now.
The future?A good job and opportunity to serve cricket in some way or other.But now full aenon on World Cup 18.

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