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Mahendr a Vaishnav was born on 30 October 1985 in Hyderabad. The family is originally from Rajasthan, but their forefathers moved to Hyderabad centuries ago and so they have become naturalised cizens of this place. Mahendra was born and brought up here and has all the markings of a local Hyderabadi.

How did his blindness develop? When he was three years old, Mahendra developed fever and conjuncvis in the eye. These are early symptoms of a rare condion called Steven Jolram Syndrome, abbreviated as SJS, but the family did not know this. SJS is a serious medical problem generally arising from wrong applicaons of a medicine or an allergy for some medicines. If not treated in me it can cause painful and unpleasant reacons. They treated the eyes at home itself but the irritaon in the eyes worsened. He was taken to the LV Prasad Instute, a hospital in Hyderabad, and the doctors carried out an operaon. But the delay had caused damages to the eyes, and he had developed a progressive condion called chronic dry eye. This is anailment in which a person does not have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. It is a chronic condion and perpetual aenon is required. Mahendrahad lost his eyesight.

Mahendra joined a School for the Blind in Devanar. There he started playing cricket in 2006 in the school team. He was soon noced and selected for the Indian Team for Blind Cricket. He was categorised as a B1 player. His first internaonal game was against England in 2010. He is the first Blind person from India to set a world record in Bowling – five wickets in an innings. He achieved this disncon in 2012 in a match against Pakistan. Four of these wickets were in one over, conceding just one run. A notable accomplishment indeed!

Mahendra has a degree in Human Relaons (HR). He is married and has two daughters ,Disha and Kushi.
How does the future look for him? He loves cricket and will connue to support the game. His desire is to take Blind Cricket to the next level in India. He says that for this to take place, support is needed from Government and Sports Bodies like BCCI. He says that if the BCCI allocates at least 1% of their earnings to Blind Cricket development in India, it will go a long way in supporng the game.

But for now, focus is on World Cup 2018. We Will Win, he says with confidence.

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