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Pr em Kumar was born on 5 September 1990 to Sunkulamma and Yallaiah inSeesamgunthale village in Kurnool District. It is an agricultural family and his father works as a farmer. He has two sisters; one elder to him and the other younger. He has two brothers, both elder to him.

Prem Kumar is a B1 Category player. How did he become blind? He was born a normal kind. When he was 7 years old he was afflicted with Chicken Pox. This affected both his eyes, the right eye first and then slowly the le eye. He was declared o be blind and had to be admied to a school for the blind.
Prem Kumar studied in St Lucas School for the Blind in Nandyal. He started playing cricket in 2006 and was selected for the team for Kurnool District. In 2009 he was selected for the Andhra Pradesh State team. His rise was meteoric from then. He played for the State, then for the South Zone. He says he has played in all the Naonal Tournaments from 2010. His first Internaonal match was in the Asia Cup for T20 held in Cochin in 2016. In his debut match against Nepal he took 3 wickets in two overs and won the match for India.

His hobbies revolve around Music. He is a good singer in Telugu and has won singing awards in shows on ETV in consecuve years from 2012. The show was Black Colours of Music, a reality show exclusively for the Blind. He also won the Championship award for Music in a show in Gemini TV in 2013. He also plays the Tabla, Tripple Congo and Dapper, all percussion instruments. And to top it all, he is a Black Belt in Karate. What a mix of talents!

He has a degree in Arts and his looking for a suitable job. With the variety of talents that he has, and his parcipaon in the World Cup in Dubai and Pakistan, geng a job should not be difficult. Maybe he will sele for a career in Music! But for now, he is waing eagerly for his first World Cup debut.

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