Odisha reign supreme in Ajmer

Odisha ruled the field as they took major steps towards becoming the first champions of the IndusInd Bank Nagesh Trophy as the last leg of matches for the year 2018 came to an end in Ajmer.

Match Scores:

Match 1: Rajasthan 190/3 in 15 overs. Punjab 118/9 in 15 overs. Rajasthan won by 72 runs. Man of the match: Pradip

Match 2: Odisha 238/2 in 15 overs. Pondicherry 54/9 in 15 overs. Odisha won by 184 runs. Man of the match: Sukhram Majhi

Match 3: Rajasthan 172/8 in 20 overs. Pondicherry 101 all out in 20 overs.  Rajasthan won by 71 runs. Man of the match: Ghewar Rebari

Match 4: Odisha 211/9 in 20 overs. Rajasthan 80 all out in 13.4 overs. Odisha won by 131 runs. Man of the match: MD Jafar Iqbal

Match 5:  Odisha 244/2 in 20 overs. Punjab 79 all out in  17.3 overs. Odisha won by 165 runs. Man of the match: Sukhran Majhi

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