Defending Champions Team India beat Pakistan by 2 wickets at the finale of the 5th ODI Blind Cricket World Cup at Sharjah Stadium in UAE

India continued their champion streak at the 5th ODI Blind Cricket World Cup at Sharjah. Team India managed to win close contest in the finals by 2 wickets and 1 over to spare.

Fantastic bowling by team India as they managed to restrict them in 308 runs in 40 overs at the loss of 8 wickets. Deepak Malik & Rambir took 2 wickets and Sunil Ramesh took 1.

Pakistan Badar Muni’s half century made is possible for Pakistan for team a big target of 308 for Team India in 40 overs at the loss of 8 wickets. He scored 57 runs in 61 balls while Skipper Nisar Ali chased 47 in 33 balls and Risayat Khan chased 48 in 38 balls.

Man of the Match Sunil Ramesh’s scintillating 93 runs in 67 balls and Skipper Ajay Reddy’s 62 in 60 balls guided India to win.

Chasing the score Praskash and Venkatesh opened in grand style and the managed the scoring rate at 10 per over. Venkatesh scored 35 in 32 balls, while Prakash scored 44 in 42 balls.

Nonetheless game’s pendulum was swinging on both the sides but team India managed to keep their calm and never lost hopes.

Mr. GK Mahantesh , President CABI & World Blind Cricket congratulated Team India for playing extremely well in all the tournaments and finale. He also appreciated Paksitan’s Blind Cricket Board for hosting 5th ODI world cup successfully and with lot of challenges.

Pakistan stormed into the final after defeating Sri Lanka by 156 runs in the semi-final on Wednesday.

Team India bagged 15000 AED as Prize Amount.

UAE’s ICC Umpires Iftikhar Ali and Akbar Ali officiated the final.

For the final, Pakistan’s legendary batsman and former International Cricket Council president Zaheer Abbas and former Indian wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani were present.

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