Bilateral and Triangular Cricket Series for the Blind 2018

Samarthanam - CABI organizes

Bilateral and Triangular Cricket Series for the Blind 2018

played among India, England and Sri Lanka

Join the Blind Cricket Series in Bangalore and
Cheer for our blind cricket players!

About Samarthanam:
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a non-profit organization empowering visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged people in India to build an inclusive society free from discrimination and inequity, through its initiatives and projects aimed to serve the society.

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About CABI:
Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI), the cricketing arm of Samarthanam, governs cricket tournaments in India and is the apex body organizing cricket for the blind. It is affiliated to World Blind Cricket Ltd (WBC) encouraging visually impaired cricket players showcase talent and attain greater heights in cricket.

Cricket for the Blind:
Cricket for the Blind aids in enhancing the players self-confidence, encourage sportsmanship and focus on skills rather disabilities. The initiative also sensitizes public by inducing a social responsibility to respect people with disabilities, understand their needs and eventually help them merge with mainstream.

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