The Allergan West Zone School level Cricket Tournament for the Visually Impaired Started at Barkatulah Cricket Ground –Bhopal on 17th Mar’2018. This tournament was Organized by Cricket Association for the visually Impaired, Madhya Pradesh in association with CABI- Cricket Association for the Blind, India and sponsored by Allergan, Bal Samrakshan Ayog –Madhya Pradesh. The Tournament was inaugurated by Shri Dr.Raghavendra Sharma, Chairman-Bal Samrakshan Ayog-MP, Mr.R.S.Thakur –Sr Manager-Indian Overseas Bank-Bhopal, Smt. Madhumitha Naqui-Social Worker, Sri Paras Chand Jain, Energy Minister –MP Government, Mr.Narayan Tripati-MLA-Maihar. Speaking on the occasion Sri Paras Chand Jain promised that he shall ask for a separate fund from MP Government towards Blind sports and also for the development of the Blind Cricket Ground he shall seek separate budget from the Govt. Mr.Narayan Tripati, MLA- Maihar said that he will put fourth all the demands of CAB MP to the Govt and help to promote blind cricket from the Grass Route Level.

Other Dignitaries present during the tournament includes Smt. Archana Chitnis, Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Sri Hemanth Desmukh-President, MP Nigam Board, Mr.David- Secretary CABI, Mr.Sonu Golkar-Secretary-CAB Mp, Mr.Nirav Pradhan-Chairman-Pradhan Group, Mr.Prakhar Mittal-Deputy Secretary-Mittal Group, Mr.Sumeet Golwalkar-Osmo Foundation. There were 6 teams from Madhya Pradesh, 3 teams from Rajasthan, 1 team from Chattisghad, 1 team from Maharashtra. The 11 teams were divided into four groups.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Bhopal-MP Indore-MP Gwalior-MP Jabalpur-MP
Chikaldara-Maharastra Ajmer-Rajasthan Jodhpur-Rajasthan Rest of MP-MP
Udaipur-Rajasthan Rewa-MP Raipur-Chattisghad

Highlights – 15/03/2018

Match 1 – Indore VS Ajmer

Toss won by Ajmer-Decided to Field

Indore Scored 64/5 in 10 overs

Rajkumar-B2- Scored 22 runs of 18 balls

Ajmer Scored 66/1 in 8 overs

Dinesh-B3-Scored 26 runs of 21 balls & Nand Kishore-B2-Scored 26 runs of 17 balls

Ajmer won the match.

Match-2 – Chikaldara VS Udaipur

Toss won by Udaipur-Decided to Field

Chikaldara Scored 136/5 in 10 overs

Mahender Jabhra –B3- Scored 90 runs not out

Udaipur Scored 73/9 in 10 overs

Takur Singh-B1-Scored 14 runs of 10 balls

Chikaldara won the match.

Match-3 – Rest of MP VS Jabalpur

Toss won by Jabalpur-Decided to Field

Rest of MP Scored 55/7 in 10 overs

Radheshyam –B1- Scored 19 runs of 9 balls

Jabalpur Scored 57/2 in 7.2 overs

Raja-B1-Scored 22 runs of 14 balls not out

Jabalpur won the match.

Match-4 – Jodhpur VS Rewa

Toss won by Rewa-Decided to Field

Jodhpur Scored 131/4 in 10 overs

Bahadur-B2- Scored 58 runs of 27 balls not out

Rewa Scored 110/5 in 10 overs

Satendra Tripati-B3-Scored 46 runs of 26 balls

Jodhpur won the match.

Match-5 – Bhopal VS Chikaldara

Toss won by Chikaladara-Decided to Field

Bhopal Scored 58/7 in 10 overs

Amit-B3- Scored 14 runs of 16 balls

Chikaldara Scored 61/3 in 6 overs

Sriram-B2-Scored 39 runs of 29 balls

Chikaldara won the match.


Highlights – 16/03/2018

Match-1 – Gwalior VS Rewa

Toss won by Gwalior -Decided to Field

Gwalior Scored 125/3 in 10 overs

Mahendra Rawat-B1- Scored 50 runs of 21 balls

Rewa Scored 56/10 in 8.4 overs

Rahul-B1-Scored 12 runs of 13 balls

Gwalior won the match.

Match-2 – Indore VS Ajmer

Toss won by Ajmer -Decided to Field

Indore Scored 72/5 in 10 overs

Ramesh-B3- Scored 12 runs of 11 balls

Ajmer Scored 68/9 in 10 overs

Birat-B1-Scored 16 runs of 21 balls

Indore won the match.

Match-3 – Bhopal VS Udaipur

Toss won by Bhopal -Decided to Field

Udaipur Scored 91/3 in 10 overs

Lokesh-B1- Scored 37 runs of 24 balls

Bhopal Scored 92/3 in 6.4 overs

Amit –B3-Scored 38 runs of 21 balls

Bhopal won the match.

Match-4 – Raipur VS Rest of MP

Toss won by Raipur -Decided to Bat

Raipur Scored 46/4 in 5 overs

Tribhuvan-B2- Scored 15 runs of 12 balls

Rest of MP Scored 47/1 in 3.5 overs

Nitesh -B3-Scored 35 runs of 16 balls

Rest of MP won the match.

Match-5 – Gwalior VS Jodhpur

Toss won by Jodhpur -Decided to field.

Gwalior Scored 123/7 in 10 overs

Neeraj-B2- Scored 22 runs of 15 balls

Jodhpur Scored 64/10 in 7 overs

Vishnu –B1-Scored 15 runs of 9 balls

Gwalior won the match.

Match-6 – Raipur VS Jabalpur

Toss won by Raipur -Decided to field.

Jabalpur Scored 64/1 in 5 overs

Gyani-B3- Scored 25 runs of 18 balls not out

Raipur Scored 44/5 in 5 overs

Ashish –B3-Scored 23 runs of 14 balls

Jabalpur won the match.


Highlights – 17/03/2018

Semi-Final 1 – Chikaldara VS Ajmer

Toss won by Chikaldara-Decided to field.

Ajmer Scored 79/6 in 10 overs

Dinesh-B2-Scored 26 runs of 24 balls

Chikaldara Scored 54/10 in 8.4 overs

Ashok –B1-Scored 17 runs of 13 balls

Ajmer won the match.

Semi-Final 2 – Jabalpur VS Gwalior

Toss won by Gwalior-Decided to Bat.

Gwalior Scored 88/6 in 10 overs

Mahendra-B1-Scored 26 runs of 10 balls

Jabalpur Scored 91/0 in 8.2 overs

Hitesh –B3-Scored 58 runs of 26 balls & Gyani- B3-Scored 24 runs of 18 balls took 2 wickets in 2 overs.

Jabalpur won the match.

Final Match – Jabalpur VS Ajmer

Toss won by Ajmer- decided to Field

Jabalpur Scored 88/7 in 10 overs

Shubham-B3-Scored 27 runs of 29 balls

Ajmer Scored 89/6 in 9.3 overs

Rohit –B2-Scored 29 runs of 21 balls

Ajmer the Allergan West Zone School Cricket Tournament for the blind

Man of the Match

Indore VS Ajmer Nandakishore-B2-26 runs of 17 balls

Chikaldara VS Udaipur Mahender Jhabra-B3-90 runs not out

Rest of MP VS Jabalpur Raja –B1- 22 runs of 14 balls not out

Rewa VS Jodhpur Bahadur –B2-58 runs of 27 balls not out

Bhopal VS Chikladara Sriram-B2-39 runs of 29 balls

Gwalior VS Rewa Mahendra Rawat-B1-50 runs of 21 balls

Indore VS Ajmer Ramesh-B3- 12 runs of 11 balls

Bhopal VS Udaipur Amit-B3-38 runs 0f 21 balls

Raipur VS Rest of MP Nitesh-B3-35 runs of 16 balls not out

Gwalior VS Jodhpur Neeraj-B2-22 runs of 15 balls

Raipur VS Jabalpur Gyani-B3-25 runs of 18 balls not out

Semi Final 1

Chikaldara VS Ajmer Ramlal –B2-1.4 overs 11 runs 3 wickets

Semi Final 2

Jabalpur VS Gwalior Gyani –B3- 24 runs of 18 balls and 2 wickets in 2 overs


Jabalpur VS Ajmer Rohit-B2-29 runs in 21 balls

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