The East Zone School level Cricket Tournament for the Visually Impaired Started at BJB College Grounds, Bhvaneshwar Today. This tournament is Organised by Cricket Association for the visually Impaired, Odisha in association with CABI- Cricket Association for the Blind, India and sponsored by Allergan, SSEPD Department-Govt of Odisha, Adhikar. The Tournament was Inaugurated by Shri Prafulla Samal, Minster SSEPD. Speaking on the occasion Mr.Prafulla Samal promised that he shall have a separate fund from SSEPD towards Blind sports and also for the development of the Blind Cricket Ground he shall seek separate budget from the Odisha Govt. Mr.Priyadarshni Misra, MLA- Bhuvaneshwar was also present and said that he will put fourth all the demands of CAVI to the Govt and help to promote blind cricket from the Grass Route Level.

Other Dignitaries present were Mr. Mohammed Nawab Hussain, Principal-BJB College, Mr.Mohammed N Amin-President, Adhikar, Sanyasi Behra- Secretary, CABI-Odisha, Mr.David- Secretary CABI. The 8 teams who are participating are – School for the blind-Korapore, Bangala Blind School-West Bengal, Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand, Govt Blind School-Jharkhand, Subham Bikas Vikalang Vidyalaya-Bihar, BB School-Bhuvaneshwar, School for the Blind-Bhadrak, School for the blind-Baleshwar.

Highlights – 30/11/2017

BJB Grounds

Match 1 – School for the blind-Korapore VS Bangala Blind School-West Bengal Toss won by School for the blind-Korapore decided to bat

School for the blind-Korapore Scored 144/0 in 10 overs

Bishwajeet-68 runs-37 balls

Nakul-68 runs-27 balls

Bangala Blind School-West Bengal Scored 54/8 in 10 overs

School for the blind-Korapore won the match.

Match-2 – Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand VS School for the Blind-Bhadrak Toss won by Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand decided to field

Bhadrak Scored 96/4 in 10 over

Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand Scored 97/1 in 10 overs

Sanjeev(B3)-68 runs-36 balls

Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand won the match.

Match-3 – Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand VS Bangala Blind School-West BengalToss won by Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand decided to field

Bangala Blind School-West Bengal 71/0 in 6 overs .

Saurak(B3)-33 runs -17 balls

Abasi Blind School-Jharkhand Scored 53/1 in 6 overs

Sanjeev(B3)-29 runs-20 balls

Bangala Blind School-West Bengal won the match.

Utkal University ground

Match 1 – BB School-Bhuvaneshwar VS Bikas Vikalang Vidyalaya-BiharToss won by BB School-Bhuvaneshwar decided to bat

BB School-Bhuvaneshwar Scored 172/2 in 8 overs

Sunil Chand(B3)-60 runs-24 balls

Bikas Vikalang Vidyalaya-Bihar Scored 106/10 in 8 overs

BB School-Bhuvaneshwar won the match.

Match 2 – Govt Blind School-Jharkhand VS School for the blind-Baleshwar Toss won by Govt Blind School-Jharkhand decided to field

School for the blind-Baleshwar Scored 208/1 in 8 overs

Singaraji maji(B2)-99 runs-31 balls

Govt Blind School-Jharkhand Scored 65/6 in 8 overs

School for the blind-Baleshwar won the match.

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